Part 6: The Players

The Character Actors

The stars of 1930s Hollywood had all the glitz and glamour of our modern film stars. Like today they became both very rich and very famous. However, a large part of the success of the films of the 1930s should also be credited to the supporting actors and actresses. These character actors were integral to the success of so many of the movies of the Golden Age. Some were well known for their fine acting talents and others were not, but all added flavor to the films of the 1930s. Take a look at some of these familiar faces, and their sometimes not-so-familiar names.

Edward Arnold
Mischa Auer
Fay Bainter
Charles Bickford
Wallace Beery
Ralph Bellamy
Eric Blore
Mary Boland
Beulah Bondi
Alice Brady
Nigel Bruce
Billie Burke
Spring Byington
Jack Carson
Charles Coburn
Walter Connolly
Donald Crisp
Andy Devine
Brian Donlevy
Marie Dressler
Margaret Dumont
Harry Davenport
William Frawley
James Gleason
Alan Hale
Margaret Hamilton
Sterling Holloway
Edward Everett
Jean Hersholt
Walter Huston
Warren Hymer
Boris Karloff
Roscoe Karns
Patsy Kelly
Edgar Kennedy
Guy Kibbee
Peter Lorre
Bela Lugosi
Barton MacLane
Marjorie Main
Frank McHugh
Aline MacMahon
Donald Meek
Adolph Menjou
Una Merkel
Thomas Mitchell
Frank Morgan
Jack Oakie
Edna May Oliver
Maria Ouspenskaya
Eugene Pallette
Franklin Pangborn
Gail Patrick
Nat Pendleton
Claude Rains
May Robson
Charlie Ruggles
Sig Ruman
Alison Skipworth
C. Aubrey Smith
Lewis Stone
Henry Stephenson
Grady Sutton
George Tobias

I hope you have enjoyed this pictoral trip back to the films of the 1930s. If you have, please email me and let me know.

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